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Order and Payment

Placing an order with The Coffee Gallery is fairly simple. Please find below how the order procedure works.


Order procedure


When you find a desired product in The Coffee Gallery webshop, the product can placed in your shopping cart by clicking on “Add to chart”. During this step also the desired number can be inputted.


Once you are finished with shopping, you can conclude your order by clicking “Cart” in the upper right corner of the webpage to go to the order form. On this form, you can add/modify/remove products to your shopping cart. In case you have not ordered before with us, you have the option to register and to create an account, thought this is not compulsory. It is possible to place an order without a registered account. You are however asked to provide your credentials for the delivery and invoice address.


In order to finalize the order, it is require to click on “Check-out”. During this step, several data are asked in order to conclude the order. This includes the preferred shipment and payment method.

On this page it is still possible to cancel or change some items.


Payment Method: (1) Bank Transfer in Advanced (2) Payment during in-store pickup

Delivery Method: (1) Parcel Post (2) Pickup in-store


After the order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email from The Coffee Gallery. Any communication with regard the order will done by email, but can be complemented by telephone should the need arises.


The Coffee Gallery reserves the right to refuse, modify orders or to ask for additional information.



Each placed order will confirmed by with a confirmation email. Therefore, it is important that a valid email address is provided. The confirmation email is not a proof of payment, but an indication that the order procedure has been concluded successfully and that you order has been received. Payment of the order can be done by:

(1) Bank Transfer prior to Parcel Shipment

(2) Payment during in-store pickup


Advance Bank Transfer prior to shipment

In case delivery method is Parcel Shipment, this payment method is required. Based on the order confirmation email, and the order reference number, you are kindly ask to wire transfer the amount due to our bank account. Upon receipt of payment, shipment will occur. As a general rule, this will take 2 till 5 business days. No additional charges will be applied for this payment method, and it is available for all countries. In case of an international transfer, processing time can take up to 5 till 10 business days.



Payment in-store pickup

In case of payment during pickup in-store, you can pay when you visit our store. Once payment has been settled, you can take your order and you will have the flexibility to collect and pay the order at a time of your earliest convenience. You will receive a notification when your order is ready for pick-up.